Friday, July 2, 2010

また twitterがいかれている

長期的に見れば単なるネット上のサービスがあまりに虚名を上げすぎた ということだろうけど、短期的に見ればワールドカップと july 4thの影響なんだろうな。

Investigating Elevated Error Rates

Investigating Elevated Error Rates 1 hour ago

We’ve received reports of elevated error rates for users; we’re currently investigating.

Update (9:47 AM PST, 16:47 UTC): This is unplanned downtime. Infrastructure and operations engineers are working to fully restore Twitter. Expect more updates soon.

Update (9:55 AM PST, 16:55 UTC): We are now recovering from a period of high unavailability.

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